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SWAMPING presents New Weird Asheville, Vol. I. Conceived of by Christian Church and Spooky Bubble of Alligator Indian, SWAMPING seeks to unite Asheville's underground musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers, and designers in the hopes of creating a stronger and more vibrant scene and community in Western North Carolina.

This inaugural volume of the ongoing compilation series features 15 of Asheville's best kept secrets in the world of music and sound.

All tracks were recorded and produced either by their respective artists, Spooky Church productions, or a combination thereof. Check individual tracks for individual credits as well as lyrics and websites.

The incredible artwork was made by Hannah Sage Farley.

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released February 19, 2012

All material is © SWAMPING, 2012.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


SWAMPING Asheville, North Carolina

SWAMPING is an Asheville, NC-based organization dedicated to promoting local experimental and underground music + art +video.

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Track Name: Wyla - Rain For Days
oh the sky turns grey
and it rains for days
it rains for days
and all my clothes get wet
it's like the whole damn world is trying to bring me down
it's like everyone's looking at the ground.

oh my eyes turn red and
i slip into my head
and all my thoughts get lost
pull me closer than i ever thought i'd get
i wanna feel the warmth
of the summer on your breath
Track Name: T.S. Rex - What? My Name?
So many books around my room
They don't mean I know
There's power in letting go of the things you know

I, you know why I tried so many times
I, you know why, I try, I try

It's on, to my bedroom we go
And we gone fuck till mornin' comes
And then the night will fall
And you look real good in red thongs,
But better when I take it off
Girl, I will -- you good
"What's a -- doin' in my --?" you said,
"Boy I don't take it from the back!"
I said, "Gurl you gone have to relax."

This will all go real real better,
Real, real, real, real better.
Track Name: Alligator Indian - PEN//GUIN
I was waiting in the backseat, while she looked at the ocean
I lost her watching the sunrise come in
Now she’s out on her own, I’ll have to wait for the moonlight
I passed the time talking to the puffins on the shore
The soft laugh from the lighthouse, now I’m standing in my front yard
The door is open and the moonlight’s pouring out

See creepy crawlers come out my oven
Mother says I shouldn’t eat them but I really love ‘em
See, anything that’s gooey and slimy, I just wanna have it inside me

I was waiting in the backseat, while she looked at the ocean
I lost her watching the sunrise come in
A soft laugh from the lighthouse, now I’m standing in my front yard
The door is open and the moonlight’s pouring out
Well I was standing a the backdoor, walking up to the station
Waiting for the Moonlight to pull in
But she was riding the Ocean
Must have waited a year, or maybe I was just dreaming
She said she be on the Ocean
She was riding the Ocean
She was right in the ocean
She was waiting right in the ocean
Track Name: The Pilot and The Pussy - Close Your Eyes It’ll Hurt Less
Your back in the looking glass
While words they fall and hours pass
And I have made my self a mask
For going at the looking glass

Close your eyes it will hurt less
Pale faces they are the best
Come on man let's take the rest
We're going at the looking glass

You leap the wall and leave the flame
All sinister eyes look the same
That is the color of the lame
I couldn't feel your breath but heard your name

Will I speak that name a thousand times
When bad has come and love has tried
And we set a fucking bomb inside
And think of it not as he who dies
Track Name: Doc Aquatic - Bank To Keep
Roll with the punches and changes too
Store thoughts in the bank to keep and take around with you
Lonely as the ages and maybes too
Stay with the one you know and keep around with you

Disregard the clock’s tick until it’s through
Time can bog you down and trap like a zoo
Fleeting moment, every moment then you’re though
Stay with the one you love and keep around you

Where you plan to grow old is not always common sewn
It takes a will and sacrifice to reach the end of your life
Track Name: dep - SOS
Wash away
your mistakes.
Rise above.

Take your time.
Watch your fates.
Call on me.

Take your leave.
Tell me you
don't want to leave
at night.

Don't say you will go.

Fall on to evil reverie.
I'll be okay.
I'll be okay.

Take your time.
Take it all.